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    Often the benefits of services provided by a coach or counselor can overlap. However, there are different roles and purposes.

    What’s the difference between coaching and counselor?

    Coaching with me focuses on your present to help you create the future that you want.

    A counselor can do the same, but also looks at your past to help you manage your present.

    Here are some additional differences:


    Have a degree & license as a mental health professional

    Treat mental health conditions

    Adhere to ethical codes & state laws

    Life Coaches

    Cannot treat mental health issues

    Do not have to have formal training, education, or qualifications

    Do not have to follow health privacy laws or ethical codes

    What’s the same?

    My style.

    I’ve been a Mama Bear my whole life. That means:

    I’m a truth-teller (I am gentle in my delivery)

    I’m a nurturer (I care a lot and you will definitely know that)

    I’m an accountability partner (I will help you meet the goals that are important to you)

    I’m a doer (We can talk all day, but without action, there’s no change so I give challenges, homework, and action steps)

    I’m a hope dealer (I know that EVERYONE has the capacity to change & improve their lives)

    My priorities:

    Overall Self-Care and Wellness is so important. However, you’ll notice that I focus on:

    Emotional Wellness: allows us to process and acknowledge our emotions

    Spiritual Wellness: allows you to sense of perspective beyond the day-to-day life

    How do we ensure that coaching is a better fit for you?

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